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Hi, and thank you for being here–it really means a lot. Since it was mentioned on Twitter that shorter samples are preferred, here are a few sorted by length/word count. Hope it makes your life easier!

Plain text snippets from my Caves of Qud mod [~300-1,000 words]

Suggested: Chrome Songs, Hollow Skulls if you're feeling sci-fi/noir/action-y. Or Discarded Notes on Unthinking Matter pt. 1-3 if you're looking for something shorter and more melancholic.

The Heroes We Never Are (Introduction)  [~1,500 words]

Scroll down to pg. 1-4. The introduction from my MA thesis should give a sense of my writing and the aims/concerns involved. Doubt you have time for 30,000 words, but hey, it's all there!

Yakuza 0, Heterogeneous Systems, Derridean Ethics [~2,000 words]

Game criticism/essay about Yakuza, Derrida, food, and diegetic morality detached from metrics and stats.

The Thrum of the Locust [ ~5,000 words]

A fantasy short story published in Abyss & Apex. Might speak to you given the themes found in Mutazione.

Hope this list helps, and thanks for reading. I'm crossing my fingers very, very hard.

Games & Mods

A mod for Caves of Qud which adds readable books to the game world. Some of the texts were written 'traditionally', and others were crafted using machine-generation models then heavily edited.  

Game criticism

Yakuza 0, Heterogeneous Systems, Derridean Ethics

An article about how Yakuza 0, through specific design choices, successfully leverages different tones, spaces, themes, and forms of play to offer a unified, cohesive experience.

Persona 4 Golden, Interiority, and Exposition

An article about Persona 4 Golden, Interactive Fiction, the questionable wisdom of "show,  don't tell", and the ways in which P4G exposes its protagonist's inner landscape.

Short stories

The Thrum of the Locust  [web]

Fantasy. Re-printed in The Best of Abyss & Apex Vol. 3

Beyond the Visible Spectrum [ cache]

Science fiction / cosmic horror. Audio version here

Ruination v0.5 Beta [github PDF]

Speculative / horror. Originally published in Bleak Friday.

Fatima [web]

Crime / noir.

Academic publications

The Heroes We Never Are: Interpellation, Subjugation, and the Encoded Other in Fantasy CRPGs

A consideration of 1) the ideological embeddings found in popular CRPGs and 2) the interplays between prose, narrative structures, rules, and processes. Main games discussed: the Baldur's Gate series, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, and Disco Elysium.

‘Brains are Survival Engines, not Truth Detectors’: Machine-Oriented Ontology and the Horror of Being Human in Blindsight [pdf]

BA thesis. Primary text: Peters Watts' Blindsight. A consideration of the novel's horror elements and human/machinic sentience using Levi Bryant's machine-oriented ontology.