A short, periodically updated list of accessible works and appearances.

Short stories

The Thrum of the Locust  [web]

Fantasy. Re-printed in The Best of Abyss & Apex Vol. 3

Beyond the Visible Spectrum [archive.org cache]

Science fiction / cosmic horror. Audio version here

Ruination v0.5 Beta [github PDF]

Speculative / horror. Originally published in Bleak Friday.

Fatima [web]

Crime / noir.

Academic publications

"The Heroes We Never Are: Interpellation, Subjugation, and the Encoded Other in Fantasy CRPGs"

MA thesis available upon request. A consideration of 1) the ideological embeddings found in popular CRPGs and 2) the interplays between prose, narrative structures, rules, and processes. Main games discussed: the Baldur's Gate series, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, and Disco Elysium.

‘Brains are Survival Engines, not Truth Detectors’: Machine-Oriented Ontology and the Horror of Being Human in Blindsight [pdf]

BA thesis. Primary text: Peters Watts' Blindsight, sci-fi novel.